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Acel is a singer, songwriter and recording artist based in the Philippines.

Today, as a solo artist, Acel is popular for singing the English version of “One Love” from the Korean TV drama series “Spring Waltz” that has seen her music video raking in over a million YouTube hits.

She is also well-known as the lead vocals to the songs “Torete“, “Sulat” and “Pag-Ibig Kong Ito” with her former band “Moonstar88” in the early 2000’s. Acel is also the former lead vocalist of the late 90s OPM band “Orphan Lily”.

More than a musician, Acel is a co-founder of “RIGHT START“, a non-profit group set up to help toddlers from the urban poor. Acel is passionate about inspiring and empowering young people and passionate about making an impact in the next generation.

Altogether, Acel is a singer, songwriter, a social entrepreneur, teacher and inspirational speaker who is definitely worth listening to.

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