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Saving Sally – Marty’s Song

Marty’s Song (with lyrics)

The Girl and the World – Marty’s Song (instrumentals)




Marty is the main character in the movie Saving Sally.

I wrote this song many many years ago for the Saving Sally movie. Ten years in the making!!!

Although this song ultimately didn’t make it to the movie, I’m so happy the instrumentals stayed and while watching the movie during premiere night I was pinching my husband every time I heard little clips here and there of my music still in the movie.

The instrumental version was adapted in the short animation called “The Girl and the World”. It was meant to go in the original movie but it truly was better off as a stand-alone short on it’s own.

Thank you Avid Liongoren!

* Spoiler alert: Please stay until the end of the credits to watch The Girl and the World

Marty’s Song

Words and music by Acel Bisa – van Ommen

* Please watch the movie Saving Sally! Showing all week next week in the Metro Manila Film Festival!

I see you walking by
With a blank stare I caught your eye
You don’t seem to know what’s going on

In my head
I am wondering
In my head
I am praying

Oh I hope that I’ll make you stay
Don’t let this excuse break your hearts away
and I will never let you go
I love you so

One, two, three and time ticks
Where shall I get my strength?

This bubble might burst
Expectations make me sick